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Golly, well.. I’m a Hoosier transplant, Lover of a crowded table, live music and a solid pair of blue jeans 💛⚡️

My Favorite Songs Right Now

My Sweet Midwest

Fruit Bats
I love the opening chords.... anytime I hear it, I get that roll down your windows and take a drive vibe.

Seasons (Waiting On You)

Future Islands
Oh man... The future Islands really put all the feels in this one. My brother introduced me to the Future Islands back in 2014. I listened to this song on repeat when I was in a new relationship. Ever since then it just takes me back to that time in my life when everything felt so new. Pulls on my heartstrings over and over again.

The Obvious Child

Paul Simon
Rhythm of the Saints never left my 6 disc CD player located my 1998 VW Cabrio. I love this coming of age story that Paul tells so well. This is also the song that was playing during the birth of my son. That insane drum solo got me through those crazy contractions! I’ll never forget it... To this day I still play it on his birthday (He’s 10 now) I hope one day it means as much to Henry as it does to me. Thanks Paul ❤️

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Full time Mom, part time interior designer, freelance writer
Indy ❤️
I am an old soul (some might say an old lady) I love books, cooking and home. Family, friends and simple, slow life bring me so much comfort and joy. Music brings me and our whole family so much JOY.